High Tails

Compassionate, Competent & Convenient Training

Every family wants a happy, well-behaved dog.  Not everyone has the time, knowledge or skill to educate their ideal canine companion.  

We can and we will!!

High Tails has served pet families in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2004, providing daycare, training, grooming, and health & nutrition guidance.  We get why dog training classes are so challenging for you:  You are SO busy, with work, commuting, kids, complicated juggling of chores and schedules.

So, we think we have figured out how to make it work for YOU.  We offer training in so many different formats that there is bound to be a perfect fit for you and your dog.  Check out these options:

One on One Training with Dog & Dog Owner: 5 sessions for $125

  • Terri will work with you and your dog using the Manners 1 or 2 curriculum in 5 - 30 minute sessions which allows for more one-on-one training.  Call us at 970-947-0014 to get started.  These sessions are usually scheduled on Sundays.
  • Having trouble with your dog on walks around the neighborhood or park?  Let Terri come walk with you and your dog for 5 - 30 minute sessions and coach you through how to handle issues you may be having on your walks.

Don't HaveTime For That?

Try one of the following training formats!

Training Consultation: $50 per hour

Set up a private assessment meeting with Terri if you are unsure of the best training format for your needs.  If behavior modification is to be the goal, this should ideally be done in the location where the undesirable behavior occurs.  Terri's professional experience can help you set realistic and achievable goals and determine an appropriate training format and schedule.  The fee for this consultation is $50 for 1 hour and is set by appointment.  Call us at 970-947-0014 for questions or to set an appointment.

Day Training:

Have your dog trained without having to send them away!!  On a pre-agreed schedule, Terri comes to your home and trains your dog while you are busy with your life.  She emails you progress reports after each visit, and schedules meetings with you as necessary, depending on the length of the contract or complexity of the goals.  You receive regular information on how to maintain and support your dog's training and good behavior.

Sessions are commonly 2 to 3 per week, for up to 1 hour.  They may involve taking the dog off-site as part of a necessary set up, or they may all take place in your home and yard.    You don't have to worry about conflicting schedules or weather interfering with the training.  You have a guarantee of results, or your money is refunded.  Terri's training methods are based on positive and humane treatment of all animals and are quite effective.

Please keep in mind that day training is not appropriate for every situation, especially, certain aggression issues that may not be safe to address in this way.  Guidance on the best way to proceed in such cases is one huge benefit to an initial consultation.

Day Training Package

  • Manners 1 or 2 - Let Terri come to your house 2  times per week during the day for 3 weeks to train your dog the Manners 1 or 2 curriculum.  Throughout the training, Terri will keep you up to date on progress being made and teach you the cues and hand signals that she has taught your dog.  $300 

Daycare-Training Packages:

Our professional trainer, Terri, will teach your puppy or dog the things you want him to learn while the pup is in daycare.  You pick a schedule and get a per visit cost-break on daycare by purchasing a pass, and add in the curriculum for puppy kindergarten, Manners 1 or Manners 2.  Terri will teach your dog while he/she is at daycare and send you weekly progress reports.  Upon completing a curriculum, she will demonstrate your dog's achievement and show you how to maintain the learning.

What it Costs:

5 - Half Day visits plus Training: $240

  • Half day visits are up to six hours, during which your dog will have lessons timed and geared to his age and attention span for puppies or the Manners 1 or 2 curriculum for dogs over 16 weeks.  Daycare will give him exercise and opportunity to learn social skills in a safe environment.  The 6 hours can be any time during our regular business hours and you have up to 6 weeks to use the package.

10 - Half Day visits plus Training: $345

  • Ideal for puppies or dogs in busy households, more lessons to "proof" learning in a more protracted curriculum, we will work in distractions and lengthen his attention span, and show you how to build on or at least maintain this foundation at home.  You can spread visits out up to 3 months.

10 - Full Day visits plus Training:  $395

  • For older pups (4 months and older), this is an accelerated plan if you bring him to daycare 2 or 3 times per week.  He'll go home tired and happy, and he will learn the essential manners all good dogs have.


  • Puppy Kindergarten: lessons are geared to your pups age and attention span, but include outside potty time, introduction to lots of new people & situations in a safe & controlled environment, and plenty of playtime!!
  • Manners 1: Attention, Sit, Down, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Come When Called, Walking on a loose leash, Wait At The Food Bowl, Wait At The Door, and Leave It. 
  • Manners 2: Wait In The Car, Pass By Other Dogs, Wait At The Door, Come & Leashing Up Manners, Sit, Down, Stand, Handling, Loose Leash Walking, Leave It, Stay, and Targeting.

Call us at 970-947-0014