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Professional Spa Services

Major Changes in Grooming Services

  Cara, who has been our only full-service groomer and has been with us for 5 years, is hanging up her scissors June 1.

   Being able to employ experienced and highly skilled groomers is another casualty of the explosive housing costs in our valley, and the other major factor is that grooming is an occupation that takes a huge toll on groomers' bodies. Cara has had to restrict the size of dog she can handle and the number of days she can work, and now has simply come to the end of her physical capacity. This means we will not be able to accept haircut appointments until we can find another groomer. We hope to have some recommendations for alternate groomers in the area to post - but ALL groomers are booking months in advance due to an ongoing shortage.

Dog Portrait

Major increase in availability for Spas, brush-outs and de-sheds!

We've known for some time that Cara's availability would end soon, and I have been casting a wide net for a replacement groomer. BUT at the same time we've been training 2 of our regular staff to take on the bathing, for which there is also a long wait list. Now we will be able to offer professional baths - brush-out, de-shedding, nails, ear cleaning and shampooing with fluff drying -- every day!

   And our popular DIY baths will be accessible more of the time. Our signature $5 drop in nail trims remain available every day. As a plus, On Saturdays, Laurie will be available to help with tips and assistance for DIYers to get the best results washing their own dogs, and we will be offering mini-classes on home care of different types of coats. Stay tuned!

Call (970) 947-0014 to set up an appointment today.


If any of you know an experienced pet groomer looking to move to the Valley, please have them contact us!

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