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The Dundee MemorialFund

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly dog washes over the last few years. Because of your generosity, we were able to help many of our community's pets get the medical care they needed.

Our Dundee Fund is still active. Please donate at High Tails and shop our Second Paw Thrift Corner to keep helping needy pets!

How It All Got Started

It all started with Dundee who developed some very serious health issues, very quickly and his owner, Jenna, who needed help with his growing medical costs.  Laurie Raymond, the owner of High Tails, approached Jenna with the idea to hold a fundraiser for Dundee.  The August 12, 2012 fundraiser was a huge success! With help from Laurie, Jenna and her friends and family and several Colorado Animal Rescue employees, they managed to wash 64 dogs in 4 hours in 3 bath tubs and raise just under $1400.  All of the proceeds paid for Dundee's past medical expenses as well as most of his future expenses too.  Both Laurie and Jenna were shocked at the outpouring of support and never expected anything like it!  When Laurie arrived at 11:30 to set up, there was already a line of people!  The dog wash even had to be shut down before all the dogs had been washed because they ran out of hot water.  

Sadly, Dundee lost his fight to a rare form of cancer shortly after the wash, but that didn't stop Jenna from wanting to carry on his memory and be able to help other people!  Because of the overwhelming support received for Dundee's wash, the idea of a permanent fundraiser was born.

Since its inception, the dog wash  helped many people and pets with a range of different ailments.  The dog wash has raised money for a beagle who needed a wheelchair, a cat who needed a leg amputated, a pomeranian who was attacked by a raccoon and dental work for 2 service cats! 

If you would like to apply for assistance through the Dundee Dog Fund, please download the form below:

Dundee Contract Reimbursement (1).pdf 


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