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High Tails

The Rules

1.  Each dog has to be safe in a group of dogs, not aggressive or overly fearful.  This is why we offer free trials.

2.  Puppies and dogs should have their core vaccinations.  Since vets differ on non-core vaccinations and frequency of boosters, we suggest discussing this with your vet and agreeing on a regimen. The state requires rabies shots, but other than that, we will accept your vet's vaccines and schedules.


Monday to Friday - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday - Noon to 4:00 pm - NO DAYCARE


Why Doggy Daycare is a good idea

Your dog gets some serious exercise - which is the very best stress reliever!

He'll be able to:

  • really let it rip with a group of new friends,
  • acquire social skills and practice them,
  • play as wildly as he wishes in a safe environment, no matter the weather.

You will have access to advice and help from experts.  Get the jump on any incipient problems.  We can help with issues from teething and house-training to getting along with cats and other dogs.  We know the resources in our community for dealing with problems if we can't.

A tired, happy dog at the end of the day, when you are tired yourself, is mellow and receptive to interactions that cement your bond - training, brushing, walking, playing or just hanging out companionably together.

Your puppy will have enough opportunities to potty appropriately and will have his manners training reinforced by our knowledgeable staff.

Is your dog or puppy newly adopted?  Bringing him to daycare provides an opportunity each time for him to experience a separation from you that leads to good experiences instead of abandonment and a joyful reunion at the end of the day.

What do dogs do at daycare?

Every day is new and exciting, yet familiar and safe.  Many dogs are regulars who have come every week for years.  They are like aunts and uncles to the newbies, showing them the ropes and making them feel at home.

There are dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes, personalities and play styles - so new pooches learn how to get along with all kinds, but none are aggressive or dangerous.

We supervise the group carefully to make sure everyone feels safe and has a good time.

The first hour or two in the morning is the ultra-high-energy time; lots of enthusiastic and sometimes boisterous greeting of old friends and investigating newcomers (this is why we recommend that new dogs - especially puppies and less confident dogs - come after 10:00 a.m. the first few times).

We have 4 separate play areas, 3 inside and one outside.

We sort the dogs into groups by the compatibility factors of the day (age, energy level, play style, or size), and re-group several times during the day, watching for affinities and aversions.

We keep young puppies from getting over-tired and keep the arousal level of adolescent pups from getting them into trouble.

If somebody needs a little break, nap, or snack...we make it happen.

Dogs are coming in and going home all day, so the group changes over the course of the day.  Part of the day, they play with each other under our watchful eyes and ears.

At other periods, we play with them, learning their favorite games, or just hanging out, brushing, petting and being companionable.

We've got tools, including aromatherapy and music to soothe the group when they need it.

We always provide healthy treats, but if your dog has special needs you are welcome to bring his own.

Don't bring his toys or bed, though.  We provide super-tough dog toys because his might get wrecked or it might become a "bone of contention".

When dogs arrive we remove all gear and use our own adjustable martingale collars, when necessary.  This is for their safety.  We keep their leashes, etc., safe until they go home.

If a dog needs a sweater for going outside in cold weather, we'll be glad to get him dressed.  In cold weather only the dogs who prefer being outside will spend much time outdoors.

In hot weather, we set up wading pools and sometimes play games with the hose.

Observing your dog in a group is a fun way to learn things about him you wouldn't otherwise know.  Now you can shop for leashes, collars, toys and much more for dogs and cats in our upstairs retail space, where you can watch the playroom activities from the look-out.

You are always welcome to go up to our gallery and watch from above!

The typical daycare dog is young (3 months to 4 years), medium  to large size and high energy.  Many love it so much they come several times a week all their lives!  Others outgrow it, preferring to stay home and just visit occasionally.

Some dogs are perpetual puppies and never tire of romping and wrestling.  It's a matter of individual personality.  We'll always tell you if your dog seems to be getting bored or unhappy in daycare.

Our objective is for them to have a wonderful time every visit, so they are always happy to come if you need a safe place to leave them for a day, now and then.  We are always happy to talk with you about your dog and help any way we can.  We think of ourselves as part of your dog's extended family.