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My Dog Can Read! ... Can Yours?

Sure he can!  If you've ever observed dogs or puppies exploring and "reading" their world, you know they do it with their nose even more than their eyes!

So, why not use this inborn skill to teach them which of the many attractive objects in your home are marked with a big "OK To Play!"

My Dog Can Read! is a readily identifiable and novel liquid scent essence that can be applied to your dog's toys.

  • "Identifiable" means he can easily pick marked toys out of a target-rich environment.
  • "Novel" means he won't encounter this scent anywhere else, because it's a unique blend of natural substances.

Don't risk your furniture and prized possessions to puppy teeth!  And don't damage them by applying harsh, aversive chemicals to deter canine explorations.

Apply a few drops to his toys and follow the simple training steps to teach him what is his to chew on and play with.

By making it easy for him to read his "Ok label", you can easily teach him to leave all unmarked objects alone.

Eliminate the stress and confusion in a puppy's earliest learning task.

Make learning fun by playing to his natural canine abilities.

Teach your newly adopted dog his new house rules with less anxiety and more joyful bonding opportunities.

My Dog Can Read! is safe, effective, easy to use and patented!

Training Is So Easy!!

1.  Mark his toys with a few drops of the liquid scent essence and allow to dry.  (Hint: apply liquid to toys in a sink or bowl to avoid accidental marking of unintended objects.)

2.  Give each toy to the dog, one at a time, and play with him with the toy.

3.  Place marked toys in a pile and encourage him to sniff, select and chew or play with them.

4.  Scatter his toys about the room and place some unmarked, similar objects amoung them.

5.  Reward his selection of marked toys with play and praise.

6.  If he picks up an unmarked object, gently remove from his mouth and offer a marked toy, and play with him.

7.  Watch for the "lightbulb" moment, when he sniffs and rejects unmarked objects, choosing marked ones and looking at you for confirmation.  Lavishly praise his correct reading!

8.  Several repetitions will cement this learning.

9.  Provide lots of toys of different shapes, materials and textures.  Mark them all.

10.  Have a toy box or basket for his toys.  A few drips on the container makes for a strong identification = "My toys are here!"


The message My Dog Can Read! is designed to convey is: "Whatever smells like this is OK for me to pick up, play with and chew on."

It's a liquid scent essence that is both an attractant to dogs and a novel odor that is easily distinguished from all others.  It consists of a blend of animal-derived scents, like those used to train hunting dogs, diluted to a strength that a dog's nose will have no trouble discerning but which will be undetectable to us humans.

All Natural Liquid Scent Essence

Dog Training Product

$8.95 Per Bottle

Plus $3.50 S & H 

Shipped directly to you with instructions on how to train your puppy or dog to use it.

What is It?

Avoid allowing the liquid to contact any objects other than those you are marking for your dog!  Keep clearly in mind the category you are identifying for him.  Leashes, beds and other gear that you may think of as "his" - but that you don't intend for him to use as toys - should not be marked.  Anything you mark with My Dog Can Read! (MDCR) - even accidentally - becomes a dog toy.  To be fair to your dog, never scold him for chewing any object that you inadvertently marked!

My Dog Can Read!