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Pet Food & Supplies
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Doggy Daycare
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Grooming - DIY or Professional
We have DIY Grooming or Professional Grooming, you choose...  

Dog Training

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High Tails Dog & Cat Outfitters, Inc. Pet Services

Doggy Daycare

The canine member of your family will have a fun, exciting time in a safe and loving environment.  Find out how Doggy Daycare can help you and your dog.

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Professional Grooming

Marilyn is accepting appointments for all sized dogs on Monday through Saturday.  Call for an appointment at 970-947-0014.

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DIY Grooming

​Bathe your dog in our grooming room and have everything you need at hand. Comfortable and convenient all year round, we're here to help, and you leave the mess behind!

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We offer several different packages for training, including during daycare, private lessons or 30 minute sessions on Sundays.

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High Tails Dog & Cat Outfitters, Inc. Pet Services in Glenwood Springs include a wide variety of pet food and supplies, supplements, doggy daycare, do-it-yourself grooming, pet grooming service, training & pet nutrition consultation services.

Pet Management Consulting & Mediation Services

Many dog and cat problems require multiple approaches to solve.  We have the experience to address these effectively.  Contact High Tails for more information.


High Tails

Guided Hikes

There are many great hikes here in the Roaring Fork Valley that dogs are allowed to be on.  Let our Guide show you these incredible trails.

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