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Healthy Food Vs Healthy Diet

When we think of food - for instance, when we're hungry, or when we are planning a trip to the grocery store - we think of what we'd like to eat, or the menu we have in mind for the week, and the ingredients required for each dish.  When we make a grocery shopping list, it will consist of foods: milk, eggs, celery, potatoes, yogurt, tea, etc.  If someone asks us about our diet, we will likely cast about for a descriptor of how we feed ourselves, generally.  We might say we're vegan, or paleo, or Mediterranean-style, or "standard family American" or something like that.  We recognize that our diet is the whole of how we eat: preferences, cooking style, ethnic and family traditions.  our diet is a summary of our eating habits.  If we deliberately change our diet, we may change the composition of certain foods, preparation methods, the amount, the schedule or frequency of meals, or any other food-related variable.

For the last 60 years or so, when we think of pet food we think primarily of processed kibble and stuff that comes in cans, and we have been trained to think of each of these foods - even brands, and specific formulas - as diets.  We've been programmed (i would say "brainwashed") to think that way by manufacturers, and by vets who have received all their training in nutrition from these manufacturers.  Each food/diet is supposed to be "complete and balanced" in each and every bite, so that there is never any need to deviate.  Brand loyalty (I call it "addiction") is turned into a health virtue, and a single food into a lifelong diet.

Well, we're coming to our senses about the health, environmental and animal welfare costs of packaged processed foods for ourselves, and I want to tell you, it's true in spades for pet foods - especially when a single food is fed exclusively as the entire diet.

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