COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 4

High Tails Update – April 1 2020

Hello, friends

We hope you are well and making the most of this unwelcome interlude of coping with the pandemic. Like most businesses, we've taken big financial hits recently, and while we are reasonably confident we will survive, and even thrive again once this is over – whatever the “new normal” turns out to be – we are facing the need to make retrenchments.

Be assured, we have no intention of abandoning you or your pets for things you depend on us for.

  • We will continue to provide day care! We know that if you are working in essential roles that you can't do from home, you need this as much as ever.

  • We will continue to provide the high quality dog and cat foods you rely upon. We'll make it easy to order and pick up safely, and even deliver it to you, if you need that.

However, being open for general shopping is too costly in staffing hours as well as contributing unnecessarily to risk. Therefore, as of Monday, April 6, the following changes will be in place.

Scheduling day care; ordering or purchasing food and supplies

To schedule day care, or buy food and supplies, phone High Tails at 970-947-0014 from 10 to 12 Monday through Friday, or Sunday 12 to 4. You can come in to pick up food or supplies then, too, or make specific arrangements.

Dropping off dogs

The door will be open to drop off day care dogs between 7 and 9 am. After 9, if you are dropping off a day care dog, the attendant's cell phone # will be posted on the door, which will be locked. Call the number and she will come up to take in your dog right away.

Picking up dogs

To pick up dogs after day care: the door will be open from 5 pm until the last dog has gone home. If you are picking up a dog before 5, again, phone the number of the attendant, posted on the door, and she will bring your dog out for you.

No DIY baths

At this time, we will no longer offer DIY baths. We've found it too difficult to ensure sanitation of all equipment and to maintain “social distancing.” We've tried to find a way to accommodate it, but it just hasn't been possible.

Milk Pick up

Milk pick up from Houston Mountain Ranch's weekly delivery will be available between 12 and 4 pm on Sundays, and during the 10 am – 12-pm period M – F.

In these scary and uncertain days, I want to be available to help in any way I can. So please feel free to phone or email me at my personal email, or phone me at home, 970-945-8723, with any pet related question or concern. If I can help you, I will. Be safe. Hug your pets!


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