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Daycare Price Increase

We hate to raise prices, knowing all of us are dealing with increased costs of everything, but starting Feb 1, we are raising our day care pass prices a bit. The per day ala carte is still $35, and there are no hourly or half day rates.

10 Full days (up to 12 hours/visit) is going up from $270 to $300 - still a $5 per day discount. The 20-visit pass goes up from $510 to $550, which is still a $7.50 per day discount. Half day passes are still available for 6 hour or shorter visits. They will be 5 half days for $130 or 10 for $150. All passes are now good for 6 months from date of purchase. These prepaid passes still give you discounts from the regular per visit price while allowing us to continue to provide your dogs who come frequently with the safe and happy experiences they so enjoy. We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your being part of the High Tails Pack!

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