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Puppy Head Start!

Early learning is key to your dog's lifetime attitude toward the basic components of his life.

How many dogs are

Afraid to have their nails trimmed or their teeth brushed?

Worry when left alone?

Fear other dogs, cats, unfamiliar people?

Panic in unfamiliar places?

All these things are part of the familiar world they will inhabit. Confidence and comfort with them are much easier to shape in the early developmental period, before scary experiences (or lack of experiences) are harder to overcome.

So, High Tails offers Puppy Head Start! Its for the youngsters starting at 10 and 14 weeks of age. They'll enjoy safe, supervised play with age mates, and also to be introduced to these procedures and environmental scenarios so they will accept them without fear and be excited about learning as they graduate to puppy classes and on to higher learning.

For a special hour on 6 consecutive Saturdays your puppy can have these foundational experiences at High Tails with Tracey, Laurie and other experienced puppy mentors. Here's how it works:

You pre-pay for 6 sessions, and you have 7 weeks to use them. We know you're busy, but for best results, try to attend all six sessions consecutively.

Bring Puppy at least 2 hours past breakfast and after productive potty opportunity. Plan to pick him up an hour later. Class runs from 10 a.m. til 11 a.m.

We will be providing a variety of appropriate healthy treats as reinforcers, and we'll let you know which ones he loves most and how best to use them at home. You will get progress reports and be able to observe sessions after the first one.

The cost of the 6 week program is $150. Class size is limited to 4 puppies, close enough in age for best social learning.

For more info or to sign up, text Tracey Yajko at 970-948-2431

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