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Skunks Are Out!

After their long winter's nap they are kinda hair-trigger when they feel harassed by dogs. So lay in the supplies of this formula NOW, to be well prepared. You can't mix this stuff up in advance. The chemical reaction is only effective for a short time. But when your dog gets skunked at 11 pm, you don't want to have to go shopping for supplies.

Read the directions first!This stuff is more effective than any commercial product. But only when used as directed.

Skunk Spray Treatment


Have on hand 1 qt. 3% hydrogen peroxide - keep closed until ready to use

Mix with 1/4 C baking soda in an OPEN container (chem reaction can cause bottle to explode) and 1-2 tsp Dawn dish soap (to make it easier to penetrate coat)

Thoroughly saturate all parts of dog's coat that has been sprayed. DO protect eyes. Sponge onto face. If it was hit with skunk spray and you still smell skunk, you haven't gotten the mixture all the way through the affected coat.

Once no more skunk odor is detectable, you can bathe the dog. The formula will have neutralized the thiols, but the skunk spray is oily and you want to wash it out of the coat anyway.

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