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Dundee Fund & Second Paw Thrift Store

     If you have a pet facing medical expenses beyond your ability to provide, come talk to us. We can schedule a dog wash on this basis. We donate the facility - 3 tubs, shampoo, towels, a staff person to oversee and cut nails, publicity and organizational support. You get 7 volunteers (can include yourself) and make sure they come in well before the event to learn how to use the equipment and see how the flow is organized. Your volunteers have to commit to at least 2 of the 4 hours (washes are on Sundays from noon til 4) so that there are at least 4 volunteers at all times to wash dogs, collect money and keep the flow orderly, and to clean up afterward.  If you want to have a bake sale, craft sale, raffle to raise extra funds, you can do that. If you have a strong network of friends to tap for support - both as volunteers and by bringing their dogs to be washed, that helps, too.

     It's hard to predict how much money you will raise, because lots of factors affect turn out - everything from weather to Broncos game schedule. But a dog wash can clear anything between $350 and $900 - not bad for a four-hour event! But it is definitely a partnership, and the recipient has to carry their share of the load. Here's the breakdown of expectations, in a nutshell:


  • High Tails provides:  facility and equipment - shampoo, tubs, towels, staff support for nail trims, training for volunteers on equipment, publicity, administration.

  • Pet parent provides:  7 - 8 volunteers (must include getting them in before the event to learn the equipment and procedures), any extras needed, like a table for a bake sale, write-up about the animal who needs the care, outreach to friends, commitment to be on time and stay for clean up. The time commitment is 4 - 6 hours total, allowing for set up, clean up, laundry and money processing. Usually it is less than 5 hours start to finish.

  • The Dundee Fund is a checking account, so people can pay by cash or check, but not run credit or debit cards through High Tails account. Pet parent should bring a "bank" of $50 in 5 and 1 dollar denominations, for making change. All proceeds of the wash go directly to the pet's parent.


Our "Second Paw" used goods shop is open whenever High Tails is open. People donate items their pets no longer use or need, or have outgrown. We sometimes get windfalls when people move away. Our inventory includes collars, leashes, harnesses, bowls, coats and sweaters, toys and equipment like steps, cone collars, crates, gates and exercise pens, grooming tools - you name it. In addition, High Tails maintains a few items to loan out for temporary needs, like comfortable bite-not collars (for after surgery), ramps, and even strollers. We are always happy to receive donations of sound and serviceable used items, and we make them available for very low price, and the money goes into the fund to help pets with vet care.

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