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DIY Grooming

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DIY bath stations are available Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., and weekday afternoons after the bathers have left for the day. It's best to phone (970) 947-0014 to see if tubs are open. We do need DIYs to be done by 6:30 so we can clean grooming room before closing time. Everything you need is provided – you only need to bring the dirty dog!

DIY Grooming Prices

  • Small (25 lbs. and under) - $12.00
  • Medium (26-60 lbs.) - $16.00
  • Large (61 lbs. and up) - $20.00
  • Large Long Hair - $25.00

Do-It-Yourself Grooming (Dogs & Cats)


They say we have 3 seasons here in Western Colorado - summer, winter and mud.  Each presents its unique challenges for the dogs and cats who share our lives.


At High Tails we have what you need to meet these challenges.  Your pet can enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle and still look, smell and feel wonderful enough to share your sofa - IF you take advantage of our do-it-yourself grooming and bathing facilities.


All you have to bring is the dirty dog or cat!!  There are no restrictions on products and you leave all the hair and mess behind!


Why is "Doing It Yourself" a good idea?


  • Saves $$$$$

  • Keeps your pet clean, soft & sweet-smelling all year round

  • Grooming and bathing your dog can be a pleasurable bonding experience

  • Your whole family can participate

  • Leave all the hair and mess behind

  • Tubs at comfortable heights

  • Step-in bay for the biggest guys

  • Choice of premium shampoos, conditioners and other products

  • Brushes, combs, nail clippers, shedding tools provided

  • Towels and blow dryers provided

  • We always have a supply of yummy treats to sweeten the deal and reward your dog

  • No appointment needed (just allow enough time to finish before our closing time)


Get a "Suds Saver" Card


How much better can it get?  With our "Suds Saver" card, we keep track of each bath and you get the tenth free!



Three wash stations, each with an automatic bathing wand, mix high-quality, all natural shampoo with warm water and aerate it for a comfy massaging wash.  Use conditioner if you like, towel dry and finish with the high-power blow dryer.  Use our grooming table for prep and final polish - it adjusts to a comfortable working height with the touch of a pedal.


Also, at no extra charge, is ear cleaner, special shampoos and conditioners, brushes, combs, nail clippers, and various shedding tools - and we can show you how to get great results every time.


Bath prices include all products and use of hand tools and table.


Note for our feline friends:

Cats enjoy being clean, too, but they usually don't enjoy proximity to dogs.  Call and we'll suggest the best time to bring Miss Kitty - when fewer dogs are likely to be in the tubs.

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