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Doggy Day Care


To schedule day care appointments, please call us at (970) 947-0014. Because there are questions to ask and answer before we can appropriately schedule for day care, we can't do this by email or text. Day care reservations by phone allow you to tell us enough about your puppy or dog to know that she's a good candidate – or not, in which case we can make other referrals. Usually a day or two ahead of need is enough time for day care reservations.

High Tails Doggy Daycare prices will increase June 1.  We really regret having to do this, but we know that if you're living in the Valley, you're aware of how much the cost of everything has been increasing. We haven't raised day care prices since 2019, and since then we've had 2 hefty rent increases, raised wages twice, and absorbed raised costs for our services. So we have no choice but to raise day care rates, as follows:

   The ala carte day rate from $35 to $40

Passes:  10 Full Days from $300 to $335 - ($33.50 per day)

               20 Full days from $550 to $600 - ($30 per day)

    Full days are up to the 12 hours we are open on weekdays or 9 hours on Saturdays, and they expire after 3 months. We can suspend the active period if you let us know you are going to be away for an extended trip, or face some interruption in your schedule due to an emergency, and you let us know in advance.

    People whose work schedules need day care for their dogs every day will get an additional 10% discount on

20 Full Day passes.

                 5 Half days (6 hours or less per visit) from $130 to $140  ( $28 per day)

                10 Half days from $240 to $260  ($26 per day)

       If you have a half-day pass and occasionally run over the 6 hours, you can simply pay an extra $10 that day.

The Rules


1.  Each dog has to be safe in a group of dogs, not aggressive or overly fearful.  This is why we offer free trials.


2.  Puppies and dogs should have their core vaccinations.  Since vets differ on non-core vaccinations and frequency of boosters, we suggest discussing this with your vet and agreeing on a regimen. The state requires rabies shots, but other than that, we will accept your vet's vaccines and schedules.





Monday through Friday - 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Why doggy day care is a good idea.


Your dog gets some serious exercise - which is the very best stress reliever!

He'll be able to:

  • really let it rip with a group of new friends,

  • acquire social skills and practice them,

  • play as wildly as he wishes in a safe environment, no matter the weather.


A tired, happy dog at the end of the day, when you are tired yourself, is mellow and receptive to interactions that cement your bond - training, brushing, walking, playing or just hanging out companionably together.


Is your dog or puppy newly adopted?  Bringing him to daycare provides an opportunity each time for him to experience a separation from you that leads to good experiences instead of loneliness and a joyful reunion at the end of the day.


What do dogs do at day care?


Every day is new and exciting, yet familiar and safe.  Many dogs are regulars who have come every week for years.  They are like aunts and uncles to the newbies, showing them the ropes and making them feel at home.


There are dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes, personalities and play styles - so new pooches learn how to get along with all kinds, but none are aggressive or dangerous.


We supervise the group carefully to make sure everyone feels safe and has a good time.


We keep young puppies from getting over-tired and keep the arousal level of adolescent pups from getting them into trouble.


If somebody needs a little break, nap, or snack...we make it happen.


At other periods, we play with them, learning their favorite games, or just hanging out, brushing, petting and being companionable.


We always provide healthy treats, but if your dog has special needs you are welcome to bring his own.


Don't bring his toys or bed, though.  We provide super-tough dog toys because his might get wrecked or it might become a "bone of contention".


When dogs arrive we remove all gear and use our own adjustable martingale collars, when necessary.  This is for their safety.  We keep their leashes, etc., safe until they go home.


If a dog needs a sweater for going outside in cold weather, we'll be glad to get him dressed.  In cold weather only the dogs who prefer being outside will spend much time outdoors.


In hot weather, we set up wading pools and sometimes play games with the hose.


You are always welcome to go up to our gallery and watch from above!


It sometimes happens that a dog outgrows play group. This is an individual personality thing, or it can be age-related. If we see this happening, we will tell you and help you identify other social or care options better suited to your dog.

Occasionally some puppies go through a bullying phase during adolescence. Of course, our intention is for day care to be safe and enjoyable for all. When we see this tendency we have many appropriate and humane ways of discouraging the behavior and removing "offenders" from the group for time-outs. But sometimes we have to suspend day care attendance until a pup matures out of this phase. We will inform you of problem behavior as we observe it.

Our objective is for them to have a wonderful time every visit, so they are always happy to come if you need a safe place to leave them for a day, now and then.  We are always happy to talk with you about your dog and help any way we can.  We think of ourselves as part of your dog's extended family.

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