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Day Training at High Tails


Announcing NEW dog training classes with Kimber Quealy, and classes in Spanish taught by her

bilingual associate! 


How it works:


We understand that many people are leery of group classes while the covid virus is till active. But dogs need training, just like kids need education. So we've come up with our best solution!


Program is individualized for each dog.

  • You decide on the training goals.

  • Dog receives 2 short individual training sessions, one-on-one with professional trainer, Tracey Yajko, every Thursday and Sunday, for 5 weeks – 20 sessions in all.

  • Dog gets to play, socialize and exercise at High Tails before, after and between sessions.

  • Drop dog off by 9 and pick up any time after 2.

  • Schedule allows use of either Full-day or Half-day 10 pass.

  • You get progress report from trainer at end of each week and as needed.

  • Trainer's skill facilitates rapid learning. Location permits acceleration of distractions and proofing. Our staff will make opportunities to reinforce training during play time.


How to sign up


  1. You will need a 10 visit full or half day day care pass. If you already have one, you just need to commit to keeping it current for the 5 weeks of training.

  2. Five week training package is $400, payable on enrollment.

  3. You can start at any time! No need to wait for a class to start.

  4. After completing the first 5 weeks, advanced work can be scheduled with the trainer as desired, to continue progress without gaps.


What you need to bring


  • Dog should arrive at or before 9, having eaten a very light breakfast, if any.

  • Dog will need a well-fitting flat collar or harness and a 6 ft. flat leash (no retractables or chains)

  • If the dog has food sensitivities, bring a supply of safe and high-value treats. These should be food items the dog really LOVES! - and broken or cut into very small bites. Tell us if they need refrigeration. Also, on registration form list any foods or treats he's known to be sensitive to.

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