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Professional Grooming

Dog Grooming

Full grooms (haircuts, baths and nail trims) are scheduled between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Baths with brushing and de-shedding are available Thursdays and Fridays starting at 11 a.m. by appointment.

It may be possible to get same day appointments for bathing, but it's best to call ahead. (970) 947-0014.


We are happy to offer drop in nail trims any time! It seems such a small thing, but overgrown nails can lead to pain and even posture and mobility issues over time. For most dogs it only takes 5 minutes, and we charge $5. If a dog is especially difficult and needs a second helper, the cost goes up to $10. Almost always over time, if you keep the claws trimmed frequently, the dog loses her fear and it becomes a happy occasion for a visit, pets and treats at High Tails. And we'll be happy to coach you if you want to learn to do this at home.

Professional Grooming & Spa Services


All full-service baths & grooms include a basic brush through, nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking and anal gland expression. All spa and grooming prices are baseline prices. Temperament, coat condition, and time all factor into final pricing. To schedule grooming appointments, please call us at (970) 947-0014. Because there are questions to ask and answer before we can appropriately schedule a groom, we can't do this by email or text. It's important to have a brief but direct conversation so we know how much time to allow and which groomer would be best suited for your pet.

Regular Maintenance Grooming


You're busy. And your dog is sensitive. And you sometimes wonder if you're using the right tools. Somehow, she often ends up itchy, matted, or smelly - not looking or feeling her best between grooms. You hate having to pay the extra charges, or hearing that your dog fears or fights the grooming experience. You don't intend to neglect her hygiene, but...

We can help! Talk to groomer Cara about a regular maintenance schedule. Bring your dog for a standing appointment at the optimal interval, for a set price, and she will get whatever she needs each time. Nail trims, always. This prevents overgrown claws that can break or tear, or cause pain and even interfere with posture and mobility. Brushing and combing to distribute coat oils, prevent matting and spot and skin abnormalities. Bathing or spot-cleaning as needed, keep up with seasonal shedding. Trimming to keep the eyes, ears, feet and sanitary area neat and clean. Full body kept at optimum length, all the time.

You'll set the schedule and price that works for you, and your dog will be sweet smelling and silky ALL the time! Find out how easy it can be, and how affordable. Just talk to Cara after your dog's next groom. Or ask about regular maintenance info when booking your appointment. 

Have a new puppy? This is the ideal way to make grooming an enjoyable indulgence with no trauma or drama.

Senior dogs appreciate the comfort of more frequent but shorter grooming sessions. We can schedule for optimum hygiene and function for every season. 

Regular maintenance keeps your dog at his best all year round, and helps your budget, too.

Spa Pricing

Short Hair
  • Extra Small (15 lbs. and under) - $25.00
  • Small (16-30 lbs.) - $30.00
  • Medium (31-50 lbs.) - $35.00
  • Large (51-90 lbs.) - $50.00
  • Extra Large (91 and up) - $65.00
Long Hair
  • Extra Small (15 lbs. and under) - $30.00
  • Small (16-30 lbs.) - $35.00
  • Medium (31-50 lbs.) - $45.00
  • Large (51-90 lbs.) - $60.00
  • Extra Large (91 and up) - $80.00

Dog Grooming Pricing

  • Extra Small (20 lbs. and under) - $50.00
  • Small (21-40 lbs.) - $65.00
  • Medium (41-60 lbs.) - $80.00
  • Large (61-90 lbs.) - $100.00
  • Extra Large (91 and up) - $125.00
Extra Scissor Finishing & De-matting Fee- $22.50 per 15 min.
Image by Hyunwon Jang

Cat Grooming

  • Bath - 30 Minutes / $30.00 and up
  • Brush Out - 1 Hour / $65.00 and up
  • Brush Out with Bath - 1.5 Hours / $85.00 and up
  • Haircut - 1.5 Hours / $95.00 and up
  • Haircut with Bath - 2 Hours / $120.00 and up
De-matting Fee- $22.50 per 15 min.
Image by Taylor Harper

Special Treatments & Add-Ons

  • De-shedding
  • Nail Filing
  • Extra Brushing
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