We are a full-service store for dogs and cats, now in our 11th year of offering a wide variety of pet foods and supplies, supplements, doggie day care, do-it-yourself grooming, training classes and mediation services.

You and your dogs are always welcome!  We firmly believe there are no silly questions about dogs and cats, except those that aren’t asked! Call or come in for help.


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On June 14, we closed the downtown store after only 7 months of operation. It was a difficult and expensive lesson, but our idea of moving the retail portion of our business downtown, to take advantage of drive-by and foot traffic, was a colossal failure. We've now moved our stock back to the original West Glenwood location.
Everyone thought it was such a good idea! We were already known locally for having quality merchandise, fairly priced, and friendly, knowledgeable service. Adding some fun items for tourists - the ones missing their pets at home, and the visiting dogs lucky enough to come with - offered in an attractive space in the beautiful Melby building - what could go wrong?
Well, what didn't go wrong? Within a week of opening, both my downtown employee and I faced the sudden illness, and then death, of a family member. Then, I took a bad fall on the ice, resulting in a concussion and brain hemorrhage. Sales never came close to our most conservative projections, possibly due to the weather. Other downtown merchants had a rough ride, too, with ice keeping people home, and great snow keeping tourists on the slopes instead of shopping. By mid-Feb. we were seriously worried about sales - and then, I had a subdural hematoma, requiring emergency brain surgery. While I struggled to recover, my downtown employee gave notice. I tried everything I could think of to keep afloat, but this Spring, when tourists began to come back to town, the final blow came in the form of "the new retail."
We had lots of people coming in, admiring merchandise, asking questions, often trying gear on their dogs, and then scanning the QR codes with their cell phones and leaving without a purchase. I had heard about the new phenomenon called "show-rooming" but never saw it happen in West Glenwood. Small, local stores like ours simply can't afford to be show rooms for Amazon.com.
So we closed the downtown store and moved back home. We've opened up a retail area upstairs in the West Glenwood store where you can shop and also watch the dogs in the day care play room. You can pull up right to the door and we'll help you carry purchases to your car. You can have your dog beautifully groomed by Morgan, or wash him yourself in our do-it-yourself grooming room. Tracey Yajko and Krys Moquin offer training classes, and I will be offering home-made pet food making classes as soon as we are all back under one roof. Robbi will still be keeping all the pups happy and safe in our expanded day care, with the able assistance of Ashley and Jessica. I'll be there all the time, instead of bouncing back and forth (never having mastered being in two places at once!) The Dundee Memorial Fund dog washes will happen most first-Sundays of each month, raising money for vet bills for dogs and cats whose families need some help. The exceptions are months when the first Sunday falls on a holiday weekend, in which case we do it the second Sunday.
I've learned that I'm happiest helping my neighbors and friends keep their pets happy and healthy, solving problems and providing good value in products and services that support these objectives. There's nothing I enjoy so much as figuring out how to bring a shy puppy out of her shell, or solve a nutritional issue, or find just the right harness to fit a dog with an unusual body shape. For over 10 years, I've been amazingly fortunate in being able to do what I love and am good at, among skilled and dedicated colleagues, in this wonderful community. Now I'm looking forward to, soon, offering home-made, fresh, locally sourced meals for dogs and cats as an affordable way of enhancing their health and well-being. High Tails has never had the largest selection of products. Our specialty, if it is one, is selecting the highest quality, best value for money, products for you to choose from, and being able to help you make good choices for your companion. Our knowledge, experience and dedication are at your service, always.

So, thanks to all of you who have borne with us through this downtown experiment, and put up with the chaos of the two moves: there and back again. We'll be all moved in and ready for prime time the second week of
July, so come see our new upstairs space and help us celebrate our homecoming!

Laurie Raymond, owner of High Tails, has a monthly column in the Post Independent, called "Sextiped Valley”, devoted to better living with pets as a community. It runs on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We also have them on this website. Click here to read her articles!


On-going classes are offered in the following areas. Call (970-947-0014) for more information.
-  Beginner/Manners Classes on Tuesday nights. The cost is still $110 for 6 weeks.
We will offer Beginner/Puppy and Advanced and Games when there is interest, so don’t hesitate to call.


We do bath benefits on the first Sunday of each month, except when this falls on a holiday weekend. In that case, we automatically change it to the second Sunday.

Bring your dog for a bath or help as a volunteer at these monthly benefits! In addition to helping some wonderful pets and their families, these benefits are LOTS OF FUN! To help out, contact us at High Tails.

Click here for more information on these Bath Benefit Fundraisers.

Visit the official Dundee Dog Wash Memorial Fund website at www.dundeedogwash.com

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Available May through September, guides are local folks familiar with trails and AND with dog behavior/first aid. We will customize the price and experience to your and your dog's age and fitness level. Explore the Roaring Fork Valley with your dog - call us at 970-947-0014.