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Ongoing Safety Rules for the Pandemic

  1. Everyone must wear a mask or face covering in High Tails.

  2. Be aware of spacing when inside to maintain appropriate distance from other customers and staff, except where impossible, as in holding for nail trims.

  3. If anyone in your household is ill, please phone us so we can determine how best to safely serve you.

  4. You can pay by phone, arrange carry out to your car or home delivery.

  5. Parents, please keep children from handling items while in the store.

  6. Please keep dogs on short (4 - 6ft) leash or in your arms. Cats should come into the store in a carrier, please - for their safety and comfort.

  7. Drop in nail trims are available any time without appointment. Please wear a well-fitting mask while holding your dog or cat.

  8. DIY bath availability has changed to increase distancing. Any Sunday from 12 noon til Other times available when the groomer is not working, because the groom room is too congested. Most weekdays after 5, and some Saturdays, will be open for DIY bathing. Please call to check before coming in.

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